Welcome to Unit 1
Introduction to the Study of Life

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1.1 - Unifying Themes Part 1

Part one of a three part lesson mini series on the unifying themes of biology. This lesson introduces cells and their role in life. 

1.2 - Unifying Themes Part 2

Part two introduces the concepts of evolution, interdependence of organisms and matter, energy and organization.

1.3 - Unifying Themes Part 3

Part three discusses levels of organization in more detail, the unique properties of water and the seven processes of life.

1.4 - Properties of Water

The properties of water lab will illustrate surface tension and get your students pondering freezing point depression.

1.5 - Study of Life Test

A comprehensive test covering unit two. The study guide for this test is found in the Properties of Water Lab download as it should be passed out during that lab.