Welcome to Unit 0 - The Nature of Science

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The lessons below are designed to last one day per lesson for a standard, 50 minute, class period. They will cover the fundamentals that your students need to get off to a good start in a biology course with a lab component. 

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0.1 - Lab Safety

As with any lab based class we start things off with lab safety. We've included a handout with important things your students will need to know and a safety contract to sign and give back to you.

0.2 - The Scientific Method

One of the foundational lessons that students need to master. This lesson teaches them how to think when solving problems. Prepares your students for their Scientific Method Lab.

0.3 - Scientific Method Lab

A simple first lab to help your students focus on the thought processes of the scientific method. This first lab will get them used to working together and solidify what you covered in lesson 0.2.

0.4 - Scientific Laws...

Lesson 0.4 introduces students to some of the vocabulary necessary to science classes. Covering hypotheses, theories and laws as well as introducing them to simple data analysis through graphing.

0.5 - Microscopes

An introduction to microscopes covering optical, SEM and TEM. A brief in-class activity is included to let students immediately apply what they've learned about optical microscopes.

0.6 - The Metric System

No science class would be complete without a lesson on the metric system. Lesson 0.6 introduces your students to the measurement system used around the world.

0.7 - Microscope Lab

Building on the brief activity from lesson 0.5, this lab leads students into a deeper understanding of the operation of an optical microscope. They also start preparing for the comprehensive Unit 1 Test.

0.8 - Review

This comprehensive review includes everything your students will need to be ready for the unit test. Our students love going over this as two teams competing for the most right answers. It's a lot of fun!

0.9 - Test

Unit 0 - The Nature of Science Test is a comprehensive test for the first unit of the curriculum. Your students should be well prepared for this test after the thorough review from 0.8.

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