Teaching Plant Pigments with Elodea Leaves

Today's post was written by an AP biology student in Ms. Phillips class. She's a talented student and writer. Don't forget to download the Plant Pigment activity below and sign up for more freebies delivered throughout the year!

Did chloroplasts ever confuse you? They have several important facets and are crucial to cellular respiration, so it is important to insure that your students’ understand chloroplasts. In this quick lab students’ have the opportunity to personally view the chloroplasts of elodea leaves. They will discuss the colors and properties of the chloroplasts in this lab. Photosynthetic organisms pertain to a large branch of biology; this lab allows students to study the chlorophyll and chloroplasts in these organisms. This lab will secure your students’ understanding of chloroplasts’ structure and function, providing a strong base for the study of cellular respiration.

Like all Penguin Bay Biology labs, this activity is quick and efficient. It is both simple and direct to teach. Elodea leaves are an invasive species, thus you should research local laws about the proper way to dispose of them.

Plant pigment micro-lab in docx and pdf

Plant pigment key in docx and pdf

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