Stages of Mitosis in Onion Root Tips

Labs provide students with a firmer understanding of difficult or tedious topics. This
short lab will allow students to study the stage of mitosis in onion root tip
cells. The lab allows students to understand both the rates of cell division
and the varying stages of mitosis. This study of cell division displays a real
world example of the frequency of mitosis and its phases. Pictures in text
books often make cells appear very clear and the graphics do not attest to the
difficulty scientists may experience in identifying different phases of
mitosis. Allow your students to act as true scientists as they question their
own eyes and record information according to individual findings.

This lab provides a place for visual learners, kinesthetic learners, and auditory
learners. Encourage each student to peek through the microscope and discuss
what they see with their partners. Enjoy this multipurpose experiment!

Download Our Free Stages Of Mitosis Lab and Key

Here you can download our free and ready-to-go Stages of Mitosis Lab and Key. Both are available in docx and pdf format. Happy Teaching!

Stages of Mitosis Student Lab Sheet - docx and pdf

Stages of Mitosis Key - docx and pdf

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