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By Teachers, For Teachers


Benefit Your School


Save your school thousands
Save your school thousands by eliminating costly textbook purchases. Our curriculum is a complete solution for class. Every document your teachers and students need.


Stay Current
Continuously updated curriculum keeps your classes accurate and relevant. Updates will be provided they're created; no new editions, no additional fees, one price for everything. You'll never have to fret over students seeing outdated material again. 


A Growing resource
Honors Biology is our first course. CP Biology, AP(tm) Biology and Life Sciences, for middle school, will be added soon. An active account will give your school access to all four courses at no additional cost.


Simplified planning, easy reporting
Full curriculum maps, pacing guides, lesson maps and standards alignments will be provided. Simplify planning and reporting with consistent curriculum and documentation for every biology teacher. 


Offer a unique signing incentive
Make your school an easy choice for new teachers. Offer them a unique and powerful incentive to join your team.


Move towards the Ngss - if you like
We're creating our curriculum to be modular. If you need to align with the NGSS you'll be set. If not, you'll still be ready to go.


Help Your Teachers

Save Hundreds of Hours

Time for Other Things.

Time is a teachers most valuable asset. A finished curriculum can give them hundreds of hours.

150+ Lessons

Prepared & Ready.

A complete lesson for every topic in Honors Biology. 

Fully Mapped

Completely Planned.

All the planning and reporting documents for the year.

Complete Organization

Easy Access.

Unit by unit organization - easily find anything needed for any day of the year.

A Growing Resource

Never Stale.

Continuously updated curriculum keeps classes up-to-date and fresh.

Practically Zero Prep

Just A Download A Day.

A simple download followed by 15-20 minutes of prep is all that's needed.

By Teachers, For Teachers

Designed for You.

Created by educators to meet the day-to-day needs of teachers in the classroom.

With Everything They Need Your Teachers Can


Having so many hours back will let your teachers focus on being more engaged with their students. 


Instead of using all their mental energy on getting through the year your teachers will be able to spend time being creative to adapt and customize the curriculum to their class.


With so many hours saved teachers can relax at home and come back to school refreshed and ready for the day.


Step in
Tasks that need volunteers won't be overwhelming to a teacher with a full year of lessons already planned.


Focusing on self improvement will be simplified without the constant thought of what needs to be prepared next. 


Easy Oversight

With the entire year mapped out, staying on schedule and tracking your teachers' progress is easier than ever.

Administrative files

Standards alignments, curriculum maps, pacing guides and lesson guides made planning and tracking simple for you and your teachers.

Supplies list

A complete list of supplies for all the labs, demonstrations and micro labs in our curriculum. Know what to order for the year without asking around.

Organized content

Easily see what teachers are covering for the coming day, week, month or year. We keep everything organized for you.



Every lesson is laid out in clear, ready to use fashion. All our lessons have been proven over decades of use in the classroom.


Bell work

Bell work for every day to give teachers the time they need to take roll, talk to students or finish their coffee!

Guided Notes

Guided notes for each lesson to hand out to students. Aligned with the lesson for the day; students create their study guide as they go.



Engaging PowerPoint presentations filled with attention keeping imagery and clear content. 



Reinforcement activities for every class. These also serve as homework if not finished in class. Answer keys included, naturally.


Exit quizzes

Every day ends with a mini quiz. Solidifies learning and lets teachers easily gauge understanding.


Tests and answer keys for every unit of the course. Don't like repeats? We'll be updating these regularly!


Review Guides

Give students the confidence they need for the next exam.  Our focused review guides cover all the major topics for each unit.



Give students experience with collaboration and teamwork. Working together will get them thinking in a new way.

audio guides

Unique, podcast style audio guides designed to walk teachers through the days lesson. These will be coming later on to help the newest teachers get oriented.


Time tested labs that will engage your students and teach them practical skills. We'll be updating and and adding to these regularly.

All These Documents And More

Planning an entire year is easy with our complete curriculum

Click here to see a complete list of documents.


Proven Curriculum - Successful Classes



The prefixes were SO helpful and I feel like I'm already familiar with the basic concepts and systems so learning the little details and structures are going to be so much easier! I just wanted to thank you for that class and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to have you as a teacher!

Emily G. (Happy Nursing Student)



“​Thanks for drilling conversion factors in my head. The first half this semester in Engineering is literally just tons of different conversion factors. Next time your 10th graders are complaining you can mention this to any of them that want to do engineering.

Noah B. (Greatful Bioengineering Student)



“The curriculum Susan is creating is an amazing resource for any biology teacher. Just thinking about the time they'll save by using this material... there's no doubt they'll get more enjoyment from teaching by having all that time back to relax and be with family.”

Luke R. (Impressed Educator)

More Courses On The Way

We'll be creating complete solutions for four courses. As we complete them, your teachers will receive access at no additional cost.

Advanced or Honors Biology

Available Now.

Our lab intensive CCSS and NGSS aligned biology course. This course is intended for high school students with a solid foundation in Algebra 1, taking honors level courses.

CP or General Biology

Coming Soon.

A standards aligned course that will survey the basic principles of biology. This course will be for any high school student who needs an introductory biology course.

AP or College Biology

In Planning.

An academically rigorous course designed to prepare high school students to pass the College Board AP Biology exam.

Life Science

Early Development.

An introductory course on the study of life. This course will introduce middle schoolers to lab protocol and prepare them for more advanced courses.

Resources You Can Trust

Led by an award winning STEM educator, we're creating resources that have decades of experience behind them.

Welman Incorporated Golden Apple

South Carolina Teacher of the Year

Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction

Together, our team has over 50 years of teaching experience in classes ranging from introductory high school math to college level physics. Our lead curriculum developer, Susan Cooper, has been teaching for decades. Her experience and knowledge are behind every piece of curriculum we offer.

Is This Solution Right For Your School?

We know this won't be for everyone - here's a little more information to help you decide.

This is for...

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    Schools that need to save money by eliminating textbooks.
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    Schools or science chairs who want their teachers to utilize the same baseline curriculum.
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    Teachers who need their planning time back for other tasks.
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    New biology teachers who need time to settle into the ins and outs of teaching.​​​​
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    Schools or teachers who would like access to a continuously updated curriculum.
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    Teachers looking for a community of like minded educators from around the country.
Simplify Class - Instantly

After joining you get instant access to all the resources we've created as well as any we create in the future (which are life sciences related).


Bonuses to Help Your Teachers and School

We're offering more than just curriculum. For those times when questions come up or problems need another perspective, you can contact us or get feedback from other teachers.

Access to a private Facebook Group

For downtime - our private Facebook Group will provide biology teachers from around the country a place to discuss ideas, ask questions and enjoy class related social media. 


Community Support

When questions arise - We'll provide a private forum for biology teachers using our curriculum. Ask questions of other teachers, request updates to the curriculum or share your own lessons and thoughts on teaching.


Locked in Pricing

We're currently developing and completing our curriculum. For schools that join at this stage we're offering a reduced price. You'll be able to keep this price as long as you keep your license current.


This Looks Like A Good Fit

Our price is currently

$400 per teacher, per year

This is price will only be available while we're completing our core content.

If you have any questions you may contact us here.

Please use the form below to submit your purchase order.

Feel free to simply snap a picture with your phone.



Answers to some frequently asked questions:

You may contact us here if you have other questions.

Will we need books?

How much printing will be needed?

How long do we have access to the curriculum?

Can we edit the documents?

Can we see a sample of your curriculum?

What will your pricing look like?

What's the community about?

Curriculum Preview

Below is a small example of our curriculum.

To see two complete units simply fill in the form below.

We recommend a personal address as schools frequently block website emails.

We've completed units 1-3 and 12-16. We're working ahead of the school year to provide you with units 17-22 before you'll need them in class.

Daily PowerPoints

Pacing Documents

Lesson Plans

Pacing Guides​​​​

Lesson Guides

Audio Overviews

Review Materials

And Many More!

Save Money and Time For Your School and Teachers

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