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Free Curriculum From Penguin Bay Biology

We hope you enjoy using these as much as we enjoyed making them.

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Planning and Pacing Documents

Pacing guides and curriculum map.

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Introductory Material (Unit 0): The Nature of Science

These are just a few of the resources from Unit 0 - The Nature of Science. The full unit has 9 days of ready-to-go curriculum.

Unit 3: Biochemistry

Our full biochemistry unit walks your students through everything they need to know and provides you a no stress way to prepare for this tricky subject!

Unit 6: Photosynthesis

Unit 17: Fungi

Please note that the Audio Overview will open your audio player. It is an example of what we're developing to help guide you through the curriculum. Future iterations will include more depth and class-tested tips to help you run everything smoothly.

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Unit 22: Ecology

Unit 22 is the 23rd, and final unit, (we started at 0 so it's the 23rd) in our 100% complete curriculum.

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More Great Freebies

Below you'll find a wide variety of bonus free material for your class. We'll be adding to these as we can. If you'd like occasional updates and some full sample lessons click below to join our email list.

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Lab Safety

Lab safety resources - any lab class needs to start by addressing safety. Students often find this extremely boring, some illustrative stories will help keep them engaged and provide a framework for keeping track of the many rules of a lab.

Illustrative videos on lab safety. We believe these are appropriate for any high school class but please preview them 
Karen Wetterhahn's tragic story. Real life example of the need for proper PPE.

One of the saddest stories of science. Karen Wetterhahn's wonderful career and life were cut short because of the lack of early knowledge of proper PPE. 

An old safety video. Aimed at chemistry labs, educational and guaranteed to induce groans.

Note: This video has an opportunity to spot a couple of errors. The students are not wearing gloves or lab coats in a number of scenes!

A more up to date and entertaining video. Again, primarily aimed at chemistry but general enough for any lab course.

You may be aware of this video series already as they're quite popular. If not, take a look, they're well made. Although we wouldn't recommend every video as some can be crude.


Resources related to the equipment used in biology laboratories. Currently these are introductory materials. We'll be adding resources for more advanced students / classes in time. 

Scientific Process & Mindset

Some introductory material to get your students thinking. Learning how to think analytically is a difficult process for most students. These resources should help get them started.

Extras & Others

Additional resources you may enjoy using in your class.

New items coming soon!

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