Recombination Frequency Activity

            Recombination, crossing over, and independent assortment are all important terms in mitosis; however, they are a bit overwhelming. These terms have some similarities, but they have very different roles in cellular reproduction. Thus, it is important to emphasize the importance of each. Recombination frequency, particularly, can be a difficult topic to cover. It is detailed and slightly intimidating to students. This worksheet allows students to apply their understanding of recombination frequencies through calculations and linkage maps. Practice and repetition increase students’ proficiency in recombination frequencies. Linkage maps and recombination frequency are best taught together. This provides a memorable experience for students and helps visual learners understand linkage maps.

            This worksheet should be a quick activity that succinctly reinforces students understanding. It is best taught after a lesson on the Punnett square and it should not take up an entire class period. The exercise will ensure the students understand the lesson and boost their own confidence in recombination frequencies.

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