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Building a DNA Model
Today's blog post was written for us by one of Susan Phillips AP biology students. We hope you enjoy it[...]
Stages of Mitosis in Onion Root Tips
Labs provide students with a firmer understanding of difficult or tedious topics. Thisshort lab will allow students to study the[...]
Teaching Plant Pigments with Elodea Leaves
Today's post was written by an AP biology student in Ms. Phillips class. She's a talented student and writer. Don't[...]
Recombination Frequency Activity
            Recombination, crossing over, and independent assortment are all important terms in mitosis; however, they are a bit overwhelming. These[...]
Pedigree and Sex-linked Traits Activity
            The pedigree should be a simple concept to understand, but with several other terms rolling around a lesson and[...]
Dihybrid Cross Activity
           Math can be a bit overwhelming and frustrating, especially for students who already have a couple dozen Biology terms[...]
Monohybrid Cross Activity
            Mendel’s garden pea experiment is a key experiment in biology. It became the foundation for several theories about genetics[...]
Cellular Respiration Class Activity
            Cellular Respiration tends to be a tedious topic. It has several facets and components that are overwhelming. This activity[...]
Genetics and Ethics Class Discussion Activity
            This quick activity will prompt discussions about the ethics of genetic engineering. As future scientists, the students must learn[...]
Robert Hooke’s Cork Cells Activity
The cell is often described as the most basic unit life. It is a foundation of biology that provides an[...]
Acids and Bases Micro Lab
Getting to Know the pH Scale The pH scale can be a confusing topic for students. Negative logarithms? Activities of[...]
Complete Example Unit
Get a Full Unit of Biology CurriculumThis is our first unit, covering 9 days of class. It's designed to be[...]
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