Pedigree and Sex-linked Traits Activity

            The pedigree should be a simple concept to understand, but with several other terms rolling around a lesson and the similarities to cladograms and phylogenic trees and dihybrid crosses, it can become overwhelming. Even the simplest information can seem frightening to a student if it’s new to them. This activity uses pedigrees to track eye color is fruit flies. This is a preamble to Morgan’s classic experiment that continues to impact the scientific community. It strengthens students’ understanding of pedigrees and introduces them to ideas
that are important in higher Biology courses. This worksheet provides foundational information about for the AP* Biology fly lab, which is a key concept and lab.

            This worksheet is a quick way to ensure students understanding of pedigrees and inheritance. It is best prefaced by a lesson about Punnett squares and should not take up an entire class period. This activity prepares students for AP* Biology and boosts their confidence in their scientific understanding.

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