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A Total Solution For Your Class Preparation


Save Countless Hours Of Work


Created with your day-to-day class needs in mind, this curriculum will make the day a breeze. With bell to bell content for every day of the year you can enjoy teaching, go home on time and be ready for tomorrow with the click of a button. No more staying up late to work on tomorrow's lesson.


Everything you'll need
From bell ringers to semester exams, you'll find everything you need for class. Curriculum designed to take the work out of planning for class. All you'll need to do is click print. And with NGSS alignments built in you won't have to worry about decoding the standards.


No more taking time away from family and friends! Spend your time doing things you enjoy and be recharged for your next class. We know one of the biggest challenges of being a teacher is finding time to get everything done. You'll get countless hours back by having a total solution.


Easy planning, easy reporting
Every day of the entire year is planned out and prepared for you. All you'll need to do to for class is print the handouts and look through the guide for day. Reporting is just as simple; from Curriculum Maps to Standards Alignments, everything you'll need is prepared and ready to go!


Never Plan A Lesson On Your Own Time Again

With instant access to a full year of Biology Lessons your day ends with the bell!

150+ Lessons

Prepared & Ready.

A complete lesson for every topic in High School Biology. 

Fully Mapped

Completely Planned.

All the planning and reporting documents you need for the year.

Complete Organization

Easy Access.

Unit by unit organization - no struggling to find what you need.

A Growing Resource

Never Stale.

Continuously updated curriculum means your class is always up to date.

No Book

Great for your school.

Designed to give you everything you need, eliminate the book!

By Teachers, For Teachers

Designed for You.

Created to meet the needs of a teacher's day-to-day job.

The Penguin Bay Biology Team

Led by a Golden Apple award winning teacher. Together, our team has over 50 years of teaching experience in classes ranging from introductory math to college level physics. Our curriculum lead developer, Susan Cooper, has been teaching biology for decades. Her experience and knowledge are infused into every piece of curriculum you'll use. With our community you can tap that expertise with questions about curriculum, teaching or anything else on your mind​. We're there to support you.

“With everything you need ready to go at the click of a button you'll be delighted you joined.”

Take A Look At What You'll Get

All documents come in PDF and Word format so you can edit anything you'd like!



Every lesson is laid out in clear, ready to use fashion. All our lessons meet and exceed the standards!


Bell work

Bell work for every day to give you the time you need to take roll, talk to students or finish your coffee!

Guided Notes

Guided notes for each lesson to hand out to your students. No more creating notes from scratch!



Engaging Power Point presentations filled with attention keeping imagery and clear explanations.



Homework and practice assignments for every lesson. And of course answer keys for everything are included.


Exit quizzes

End every day with a mini quiz. Solidifies learning and lets you easily gauge understanding.


Tests and answer keys for every unit of the course. Don't like to repeat? We'll be updating these regularly!


Review Guides

Help your students find the confidence they need for the next exam.  Our focused  review guides to make it easy.



Get your students learning biology and teamwork with our projects. Working together is one of the best ways to learn.

Administrative files

Standards alignments, curriculum maps, pacing guides and more to make your reporting as easy as possible.

audio guides

Unique, podcast style audio guides designed to walk you through the days lesson. Listen on the way to work and be prepared by the time you arrive!


Time tested labs that will engage your students and teach them practical skills. We'll be updating and and adding to these regularly.

Enjoy All These Resources And Many More!

Click Here To See A Complete List Of What You Get.


Proven Curriculum - Successful Classes



The prefixes were SO helpful and I feel like I'm already familiar with the basic concepts and systems so learning the little details and structures are going to be so much easier! I just wanted to thank you for that class and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to have you as a teacher!

Emily G. (Happy Nursing Student)



“​Thanks for drilling conversion factors in my head. The first half this semester in Engineering is literally just tons of different conversion factors. Next time your 10th graders are complaining you can mention this to any of them that want to do engineering.

Noah B. (Greatful Bioengineering Student)



“The curriculum Susan is creating is an amazing resource for any biology teacher. Just thinking about the time they'll save by using this material... there's no doubt they'll get more enjoyment from teaching by having all that time back to relax and be with family.”

Luke R. (Impressed Educator)

Is This Solution For You?

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    Teachers ready to get back dozens of hours a week to spend on things they enjoy.
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    Schools looking for a way to get rid of outdated books.
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    New biology teachers who need time to settle into the ins and outs of teaching.​​​​
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    Experienced teachers ready for a break or looking for new ideas and an up to date resource.
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    Teachers looking for a community of like minded educators from around the country.
Simplify Your Class - Instantly!

Joining today will instantly simplify your class. You'll get immediate access to PowerPoints, activities, quizzes, tests, lesson guides, exit surveys, worksheets and so much more!


Bonus Resources To Help You Even More!

For those times when you need a little more than just curriculum.

Access to a private Facebook Group

Our private Facebook Group provides biology teachers from around the country a place to discuss ideas, ask questions and enjoy class related social media. 


Office Hours

From time to time we will hold live events to answer questions, give suggestions and talk shop (i.e. teaching). Members will be welcome to attend and participate as much as they'd like.


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Joining while we're still developing content means you get a reduced price, which you'll be able to keep as long as you stay a member! We'll be raising prices substantially when we officially open.

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Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

Do I need a book?

How much printing will I need to do?

How long do I have access to the curriculum?

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Can I see a sample of your curriculum?

How can I get a refund?

Can I cancel anytime?​​​​

How did you come up with your pricing?

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Curriculum Preview

Take a look at the beautiful curriculum you'll be using in class!

These are examples from our early, introductory units. We're now creating curriculum for Unit 12 - DNA Technology and will continue on from there. 

Daily PowerPoints

Pacing Documents

Lesson Plans

Pacing Guides​​​​

Lesson Guides

Audio Guides & Overviews

Review Materials

And Many More!

Don't Spend Another Minute Making Lessons!

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