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Susan Phillips

Teacher & Lead Curriculum Developer

Hi there, I'm Susan Phillips. I've been teaching high school math and science for over 30 years.

When I began my teaching journey in 1980, I was passed a stack of textbooks for 5 preps and told to get to work. Nothing but the books – no handouts, tests, or supporting documents of any kind! If you’re a teacher, this probably sounds all too familiar. I know how stressful it is to start from zero in your classroom!

After decades of teaching in public and private schools across multiple states, I've built a biology curriculum that gets consistent results. Every lesson is easy-to-use and highly organized. Each day is focused on a specific concept that is immediately reinforced with a thoughtfully designed micro-lab or activity. The moment I started using this curriculum in my class, I began seeing students of all abilities perform beyond their expectations. As a teacher, there’s nothing better than helping a student see their potential.

I’m excited to share my standards aligned curriculum with you! With every document you might need already prepared, it’s so easy to be ready for class. You can reclaim your time with just a few mouse clicks!

I can't wait to meet you in our biology teachers community!

- Susan


Proven Curriculum - Successful Students



The prefixes were SO helpful and I feel like I'm already familiar with the basic concepts and systems so learning the little details and structures are going to be so much easier! I just wanted to thank you for that class and I'm so glad I had the opportunity to have you as a teacher!

Emily G. (Happy Nursing Student)



“​Thanks for drilling conversion factors in my head. The first half this semester in Engineering is literally just tons of different conversion factors. Next time your 10th graders are complaining you can mention this to any of them that want to do engineering.

Noah B. (Grateful Bioengineering Student)


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Make your School day a breeze
Created with your day-to-day class needs in mind, this curriculum will make the day a breeze. With bell to bell content for every day of the year you can enjoy teaching, go home on time and be ready for tomorrow with the click of a button. No more staying up late to work on tomorrow's lesson.


Enjoy Everything you need for every day of class
From bell ringers to semester exams, you'll find everything you need for class. Curriculum designed to take the work out of planning for class. All you'll need to do is click print. And with NGSS alignments built in you won't have to worry about decoding the standards.


get back hours of time to be with family
No more taking time away from family and friends! Spend your time doing things you enjoy and be recharged for your next class. We know one of the biggest challenges of being a teacher is finding time to get everything done. You'll get countless hours back by having a total solution.


Access completely finished curriculum
Every day of the entire year is planned out and prepared for you. All you'll need to do to for class is print the handouts and look through the guide for day. Reporting is just as simple; from Curriculum Maps to Standards Alignments, everything you'll need is prepared and ready to go!


Never Plan A Lesson On Your Own Time Again

With instant access to a full year of Biology Lessons your day ends with the bell!

150+ Powerpoints

Prepared & Ready

A Powerpoint presentation for every day of High School Biology. 

400+ Handouts

Reinforced Concepts

Bell work, activities, practice worksheets and more for every day.

Digital Access

Easy to use

Access any document you need from any device.

Regular Updates

Never Stale

Regular updates to the curriculum means your class is always up to date.

No Book

Great for your school

Designed to give you everything you need, eliminate the book!

By Teachers, For Teachers

Designed for You

Created to meet the needs of a teacher's day-to-day job.


Some of the Amazing Resources You'll Get

All documents come in PDF and Word format so you can edit anything you'd like



Every lesson is laid out in clear, ready to use fashion. All our lessons meet and exceed the standards.


Bell work

Bell work for every day to give you the time you need to take roll, talk to students or finish your coffee!

Guided Notes

Guided notes for each lesson to hand out to your students. No more creating notes from scratch.



Engaging Power Point presentations filled with attention keeping imagery to keep your students engaged.



Homework and practice assignments for every lesson. Answer keys included, naturally.


Time tested labs that will engage your students and teach them practical skills. We'll be updating and and adding to these regularly.



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