About Us

We're teachers just like you. 

Our story begins over 30 years ago, when Susan Phillips went to her first teaching job and received a stack of books for 5 preps. Books and nothing else! After scrambling to get everything in order for that first year, she went on to repeat the process at 3 more schools until she had created enough material to be ready for anything.

All these decades later she teamed up with her daughter and a total stranger (but now we're great friends!) to formalize all her teaching material. The result is Penguin Bay Biology! All of Susan's knowledge and experience has been woven into the Penguin Bay curriculum, providing what might best be described as a guided teaching experience.

Using Penguin Bay curriculum, you'll be ready for every day of class with practically zero effort, and you'll be proud to show the material to any other teacher or administrator. It looks amazing; if we do say so ourselves! We've put thousands of hours of teamwork into what you'll use to make sure you'll get the best experience possible.

Curriculum Development



Susan is the lead curriculum developer and leader-of-laughs at PBB. She's a Golden Apple award winning teacher with a joyous, lively personality and over 35 years of teaching experience.

Our curriculum is based on her time-tested teaching and we're positive you'll love using it in your class!

Susan Phillips

Science Chair, Ever-Enthusiastic Teacher,

Lifetime Learner and Curriculum Lead at Penguin Bay Biology

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