A complete curriculum for busy biology teachers

Save Countless Hours of Work

Get free biolog​​​​y curriculum delivered straight to your inbox!


A complete curriculum for busy biology teachers.

Save Countless Hours of Work.

Get free biology curriculum delivered straight to your inbox!

Biology Lesson Plans

Learn about our ready-to-use biology curriculum. A complete solution aligned to the NGSS and CCSS.

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Made by teachers, for teachers

We know exactly how much time it takes to make great curriculum. We've created a complete solution so you can have your time back.

You'll be relaxed and focused on teaching and helping your students succeed. No more hours and hours of lesson planning!

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    Lesson Plans, PowerPoints, Bellwork, Exit Slips
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    Tests, Quizzes, Assessments
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    Curriculum Maps, Lesson Guides
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    Standards aligned from the ground up.

What We Do

We provide busy high school biology teachers with the most complete curriculum solution available. The curriculum has hundreds of hours of work, pre-done, and decades of experience built-in. Every bellringer, worksheet and PowerPoint (along with dozens of other documents) is completely ready for your class. 

Curriculum Built For You

Lesson Planning

Everyone on the Penguin Bay Biology team has gone through the lesson making process so we know exactly how long and hard it can be. Especially for those of us who really want our students to succeed and learn - it's not enough to drag them through a dull powerpoint or give them mind numbing activities to keep them busy for an hour. We want engaged, happy students who love learning science and look forward to class!

No Book Needed

The curriculum is being designed as a no book solution for your class. We're putting enough content into the package to let you teach the class book-free. Your students and your school will be grateful! There won't be any need to spend thousands on books or worry about them becoming outdated. We'll be updating the curriculum's content on an ongoing basis so your students are always learning relevant information.

We're also incorporating NGSS and CCSS alignments into every lesson. There's a good chance you'll need these alignments at some point, if not already, so we're putting in place for you now. You'll never have to worry about looking up standards codes or figuring out which of your lessons incorporates CCCs, DCIs and SEPs. We're building these into each lesson as we create the curriculum!

Free Resources

Take a look around, check out our free resources collection (this will be growing substantially!) and if you like what you see, sign up to receive our preview units. These are full units from our curriculum, intended to provide you a preview of the content and quality of our work.

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